Dorm Recycling Locations

As of August 2023, recycling toters have been implemented on every floor of each residence hall when spatially possible. Residence halls that do not have an elevator will not be eligible for a recycling toter on each floor, but will still have recycling available in the building, either on the first floor or in the basement. 

Residence Hall Gray Cardboard Cart 
Alumni Community living in Zahm Hall Out the basement doors and up the ramp
Badin Under the lakeside stairwell
Baumer Hall Outside in the Cavanaugh parking lot, next to the fenced in dumpster area, on the side that is closest to the LaFortune entrance
Breen-Phillips  Outside next to the big trash containers
Carroll Outside behind the back staircase entrance
Farley Farley parking lot next to the dumpster
Flaherty Under the first-floor steps on the Bond Quad side of Howard
Johnson Family Dunne lot
Keenan Hall Behind the building on the loading dock
Keough Trash room
Lewis Basement level outside the back door
Lyons Outside next to the dumpster 
McGlinn First-floor between the gym and kitchen
Morrissey Outside by Bond
O’Neill Family In section lounges
Pangborn Same location as blue toters, at loading dock door
Pasquerilla East  
Pasquerilla West Outside next to the dumpster
Siegfried In the front of the dorm next to the dumpster
Sorin Underneath the basement stairs and out back in the courtyard
Stanford Hall Next to the dumpster outside
Walsh Hall Basement of Walsh Near Vending and Ice
Welsh Fam First floor near B side stairwell

Do you see a location on the list that requires an update? Please email the Office of Sustainability.

Residence Hall Recycling FAQ