Thanks RecSports!

April 14, 2014


For the second straight year, Notre Dame’s club sports teams worked to keep our campus clean from litter.

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Challenges to the National Parks

April 11, 2014


Hotter temperatures, increasing wildfire, shifting vegetation, and other impacts of climate change challenge national park managers to adapt resource management and conserve the forest carbon.

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Waste-Free Wednesday is back!

April 02, 2014


Waste-Free Wednesdays are held at both dining halls during the month of April and encourage students to take only what they need and to avoid wasting food.

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IPCC Climate Report

April 01, 2014


The effects of Climate Change have already impacted the Earth and have become apparent throughout the world. As these effects worsen, these issues will become much more drastic.

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April is the Month to Save Everything

March 28, 2014


April is the final month of the energy competition. Let’s save energy everywhere!

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Earth Hour is Upon Us!

March 27, 2014


Earth Hour, one of the year’s biggest sustainability events is upon us, and I guarantee it is a bigger deal than you think.

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Life Amongst Tar Sands

March 25, 2014


Please Join us April 1 from 6-7:30 Pm in the Ecks Visitor Center Auditorium for “Life Amongst the ’Tar Sands’ Oil Pipelines: Impacts on Rural Communities and the Environment”

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Growing Summit 2014

March 18, 2014


Come join us at the Growing Summit 2014 to learn about how food can be grown locally and sustainably.

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Oceans, Climate, and Human Health: The Cholera Paradigm

March 07, 2014


On March 19 (Wednesday), the Notre Dame Forum will feature Rita Colwell, Ph.D., the former director of the National Science Foundation and renowned scientist and educator.

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March is Computer Month

March 04, 2014


Notre Dame’s Dorm Energy Championship advances through the winter, and the new theme of March is computers.

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