Notre Dame Ranks 226th in the World for Sustainability

Author: Olivia Farrington

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The University is entering 2024 with an updated sustainability badge of honor. We are excited to announce that out of 1,403 institutions, QS World University Rankings: Sustainability has ranked Notre Dame as 226th in the world! This score is an improvement from our previous ranking of 403rd.

What is the QS Sustainability ranking?

The QS Sustainability ranking recognizes universities that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. As a part of their ranking process, they review evidence of operational impact alongside outward-facing work such as alumni solving climate issues and the impact of research being conducted across the UN's 17 sustainable development goals. These rankings provide students with the ability to review how institutions are actively demonstrating their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Why this ranking matters

Across the globe, prospective students are strongly considering how universities are positioned to address the climate crisis. Such institutional decisions and actions can determine their choice when selecting a school. According to the QS Student Sustainability Survey 2023 (n = 110,000), 79% of students think that it’s important for universities to reduce their impact on the environment, and 51% report that they would consider paying higher tuition fees for a school that has sustainability initiatives. As an institution situated within the top 300 schools of this report, we stand out as a university that is in step with modern prospective students and their desires to attend sustainability-minded universities. With over 160 million prospective students annually reviewing QS’s website, our successes as a university will not go unnoticed.

A special thank you to our stakeholders

Achieving this improved ranking is only feasible because of the amazing work of our campus stakeholders. Our academic partners are actively preparing students for future climate jobs in the classroom and conducting research in accordance with the UN's sustainability goals. Our operational partners are consistently our boots on the ground, whether supporting long-term strategic initiatives and policies or everyday campus services. No matter your role at the University, your work is important to the shared goal of a more sustainable future. This successful ranking is because of your dedication! Let's work together to be vigilant and committed to our shared mission of caring for our common home.