Building Recycling Locations

During the 2023/24 academic year, recycling access is expanding on campus. Common area bins are going away and being replaced with centralized stations where recycling toters are paired side-by-side with landfill bins. The following buildings have experienced such change-over, with a focus on academic classroom spaces:

  • Bond Hall, as of November 2023
  • Coleman-Morse, as of September 2023
  • Corbett Hall, as of November 2023
  • DeBartolo Hall, as of August 2023
  • Fire Station, as of March 2024
  • Hammes Mowbray, as of April 2024
  • Hesburgh Library (first floor), as of November 2023
  • Jordan Hall of Science, as of October 2023
  • Landscape Services, as of April 2024
  • Mail Distribution Center, as of February 2024
  • Main Building, as of November 2023
  • Mason Services Center, as of February 2024
  • Mendoza Hall, as of January 2024
  • O'Shaughnessy Hall, as of August 2023
  • Stayer Center, as of January 2024
  • Walsh Family Architecture Hall, as of January 2024

Prior to the 2023/24 academic year, some campus spaces were part of an early toter pilot. The table below details buildings that have recycling toters from that legacy program or have more recently made a special request for a toter. The toters in these buildings are not part of the current 2023/24 expansion program.  However, they are being serviced by Building Services.  If you have a specific question about the operations of recycling in one of these locations, please reach out to Building Services

  Blue Toter Location

Carole Sandner Hall

Visitation Hall

  • Room 208
Corby Hall
  • Parking garage
Crowley Hall
  • Main Hallway under the  floor stairwell
  • Cardboard cart located outside by the northeast entrance
  • Outside Room 117
  • Outside 204B, near the 2S2-A stairs
DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
  • East loading dock located on the 1st floor
  • Student common area located on the lower level
  • Near freight elevator located on the 3rd floor
Decio Hall
  • 1st floor: connector with Malloy (Cardboard cart here); Note - No recycling in Decio Cafe
  • 2nd floor: connector with Malloy
  • 3rd floor: outside room 399
  • 4th floor: kitchen
Duncan Student Center
  • Public Safety Office (lower level, administrative access only)
  • Residential Life Office (copy machine room, administrative access only)
Eck Visitors Center
  • Basement: next to the cardboard collection cart
Engineering North
  • Cubby area near room 121 on 1st floor
Facilities Building
  • Loading dock
Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
  • Basement: outside B19;  basement outside A71 along with a cardboard cart
  • 1st floor: near the elevator in the main hallway that has the engineering innovation hub
  • 2nd floor: outside of the elevator 
  • 3rd floor: across from the elevator - stair 3S2-B, next to the mailboxes;  near3S1-B stairs as well cardboard cart
Flanner Hall
  • 2nd floor: 219 Flanner copy room/kitchenette
  • 3rd floor: Notre Dame press--outside of kitchenette
  • 4th floor: lobby
  • 5th floor: lobby
  • 6th floor: one in each wing
  • 7th floor: one in each wing
  • 8th floor: south side workroom center for research computing
  • 9th floor: one in each wing
  • 10th floor: one in each wing
Galvin Life Sciences Center
  • Undesignated location
General Services
  • Break area
Grace Hall
  • 1st, 2nd through 7th, 9th through 11th floors - one per floor in elevator lobby area
  • 3rd floor: kitchen
  • 8th floor: workroom in the north wing
Haggar Hall
  • Basement: under the stairs, across from B16 classroom
Harper Hall
  • 1st floor: break room
  • 2nd floor: next to A214
  • 1st floor: outside room 127
  • 2nd floor: next to the vending machine
Hesburgh International Center
  • 1st floor: laundry room, apartment wing and kitchen of office wing
  • 2nd floor: 2 mail room
  • 3rd floor: hallway next to central printer
Hesburgh Library
  • 1st floor: 3 entry locations
  • 2nd floor printer/copy room
  • 4th floor office area
  • 6th floor University Archives
Hessert Aerospace
  • Basement 
Information Technology Center
  • Basement: basement outside of B022 
  • 1st floor: outside of room 128
  • 2nd floor: outside of room 201
  • 3rd floor- outside of room 300F 
Jenkins-Nanovic Hall
  • Deans office kitchen
  • Nanovic workroom
  • Kroc kitchen
  • Kellogg kitchen
  • Keough Naughton workroom 
  • Pulte kitchen
LaFortune Student Center
  • 2nd floor: near room 208, Center for Multicultural Student Programs & Services
  • 3rd floor: elevator lobby in Club Resource Center
Law School
  • 1st floor: near vending machines
Mail Distribution Center
  • Copy Room
Malloy Hall
  • Basement: near the built-in waste unit
  • 1st floor: printer room 124
  • 2nd floor: near the built-in waste unit
  • 3rd floor: near the built-in waste unit
  • 4th floor: near the built-in waste unit
McCourtney Hall
  • Basement: near east stairway
Mendoza College of Business
  • Loading dock entrance
Moreau Seminary
  • Two in the receiving area and one in the laundry room
Nieuwland Science Hall
  • Basement: north and south stairwells
Pasquerilla Center
  • Basement
Power Plant
  • Garage next to soda machines and office space
Raclin-Carmichael Hall
  • Basement: animal research center
  • 1st floor: break room
  • 2nd floor: room 234
Raclin Murphy Museum of Art
  • Loading dock
Radiation Lab
  • Every floor, located in central hallways
Reyniers Life Building
  • Basement: near rare books
  • 1st Floor: near kitchen
Remick Family Hall
  • 1st floor: near room 107
  • 2nd floor: alcove near room 207
Ricci Band
  • Basement
Riley Hall of Art & Design
  • 3rd floor: top of the west stairs, near the administrative office
  • Cardboard cart in the loading dock area
Rockne Memorial
  • Basement: hallway near room B035/fire panel
St. Liam Hall
  • 1st floor: room 110 employee lounge
  • 2nd floor: near room 219; room 204A workroom
  • 3rd Floor - room 306  Shamrock Cafe
St. Michael's Laundry
  • Break Room
Snite Museum of Art
  • Loading Dock
Stayer Center for Executive Education
  • In central room against the wall
Stepan Chemistry Hall
  • 2nd floor:  outside of the elevator near the study lounge
  • 4th floor:  outside of the elevator near the study lounge
Washington Hall
  • Woodshop
  • Green room
Wellness Center
  • Break room
West Lake Hall
  • 1st floor: next to the drinking fountain across from the elevator

Do you see a location on the list that requires an update? Please email the Office of Sustainability.