Recycling Resources

In 2007, Notre Dame switched to single-stream recycling on campus, allowing clean recyclables to be collected in the same recycling container.  Single stream recycling is convenient, but in order to make the process more effective and ensure that our recyclables are being recycled, we need to refocus our efforts on collecting clean and contaminant-free recyclables.  This new approach is designed to create traceability and allow the broader campus community to follow their recycling beyond the bin.

Faced with significant fluctuations in the worldwide recycling markets along with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, campus recycling in non-residence halls was temporarily paused.  The University continued its efforts of collecting clean cans, bottles, paper and cardboard for recycling in the residence halls. 

The Building Services and Recycling Services team members, along with the Office of Sustainability staff have now resumed recycling across campus using a phased-in approach in non-residence hall buildings.  As buildings are added to the process, the Office of Sustainability staff provide the necessary educational tools to help you be successful in this endeavor, such as learning what is recyclable, the central location for the collection of your clean recyclables, and answer any questions you may have.  The success of the expanding campus recycling program relies on each of us as we all play a part in caring for our common home.