Hydration/Water Bottle Refill Station Reservation Request Form


**As of 11/12/2022, the Hydration Station is in storage for the winter and we will not be able to take reservations until spring. This page will be updated at that time. Thank you!**

Instead of purchasing all of those single-use water bottles for your next outdoor event, try eliminating all of that plastic waste by using our water bottle refill station.  It's portable, includes a food-grade hose for water source connection, water filtration system, and provides a great way for keeping everyone hydrated.  And the best benefit of all is that is is available for use at no cost.  To reserve the water bottle refill station for your event, complete the form using the link provided. Please allow a 3-week lead time for reservations.

Here are just some of the reasons for providing a reusable water bottle filling station at your event:  



Reason #1:  It can significantly reduce or eliminate plastic waste 

As an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water, the water bottle filling station allows attendees to refill their reusable water bottles, rather than reaching for a single-use plastic water bottle multiple times during the day.  Drinking bottled water throughout an entire event can quickly add up in terms of cost and plastic waste.

Reason #2:  It provides a great way to keep everyone hydrated

It's important to have a reliable water source available to help prevent symptoms that can occur as a result of heat and dehydration.  Making it easy for individuals to refill their reusable water bottle throughout the day encourages everyone to keep themselves hydrated.

Reason #3:  Provides a safe, sanitary option

The filtration system helps ensure the water is free of contaminants and helps eliminate sediments and the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Email us at green@nd.edu with any questions.