Residence Hall Recycling


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As of August 2023, all residence halls with an elevator have access to recycling on each floor.* Each dorm room has a personal blue bin for collecting recyclable materials. Residents are responsible for emptying their recyclables into a blue toter in the residence hall. Materials such as rigid plastic, glass, metal, paper, and paperboard can be taken to a toter. Large cardboard packaging (i.e., shipping boxes) should be taken to a gray cardboard cart to be recycled. Placing cardboard in the recycling toters can take up a lot of space and reduce the capacity for other materials to be diverted from the landfill. 

Building Services Custodial staff roll out the toters every Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning to be picked up by the University's recycling servicer, Recycling Works. If you are experiencing issues with your recycling pick-up, please contact Building Services at 574-631-5615. 

*Some floors may not have recycling due to accessibility issues and spatial limitations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my residence hall waste be serviced, and by whom?

  • Building Services custodial staff service centrally located recycling toters every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Personal bins in your dorm are self-serviced; you must empty your bin in a centralized recycling toter. 

Where do my recyclables go after they are picked up?

  • Full recycling toters are picked up every Wednesday morning by Recycling Works. Recyclable materials are then sorted at their facility, and distributed to become something new!

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my recycling pick-up?

  • If you are experiencing issues with your recycling pick-up, please contact Building Services at 574-631-5615.

How clean should my recyclable materials be before going to the toter?

  • Recyclable materials should be mostly free of food debris, grease, or liquids.

Why can't I recycle soft plastics, like plastic bags, through the single-stream service, even though they have an accepted recycling number?

  • Soft plastics are considered "tricky" materials to recycle, as they tangle up the equipment that sorts and processes recyclables. To learn about specialty recycling options, visit