Campus Move-Out for Students

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Move-Out Donation Competition 2024

The Notre Dame Sustainability Office is hosting its first-ever move-out donation competition! The process is simple:

  1. Donate unwanted items in the blue donation carts or at the Goodwill donation sites on residence hall lawns (look for signage).
  2. Snap a photo of your donation.
  3. Submit your donation photo and details to our office on this Google Form.

The more items you submit, the greater chance you have of winning a prize from our raffle! Submissions start April 29 and end May 10. Winners will be notified via email. 

A lot can happen in a year, especially waste accumulation! As you plan your move-out and get ready for summer break, please consider the resources available to you to reduce landfill waste and help the local community.

Option #1: Donate

As of Spring 2023, blue donation bins will be available inside the residence halls. These donation bins are reserved for smaller items only, like lamps or clothing. Larger items, such as couches or rugs, should be taken outside of the residence halls and placed near the white yard signs. 

Option #2: Recycle

Recycling will be available via the blue toters (plastic, glass, aluminum) and gray carts (cardboard), located in the same spots you've become familiar with during the academic year. If you aren't sure if an item can be recycled, check out our A-Z Recycling Directory. 

Option #3: Landfill

If an item is broken, or unable to be donated or recycled, your final option is to send it to the landfill. Green Waste Management dumpsters and silver dumpsters on wheels will be located outside near residence halls. 

Not sure what to do with an item? See our Move-Out FAQ and table of common dorm items below.

Remember: There are mandatory move-out procedures to complete before you exit campus. For complete information about dorm move-out requirements, please visit Residential Life's move-out checklist page

Move-Out FAQ

When does move-out begin?

  • Move-out week 2024 is May 2 through May 11. Once you see donation bins and trash dumpsters, you can start using them to expedite your move-out process!

Where will donation sites be located?

  • Smaller donation items, like clothes, mugs, or shoes, should be placed in blue donation carts inside the residence halls. Larger donation items, such as fridges or futons, should be piled on the lawn outside near the Goodwill donation yard signs.

Where will recycling containers be located?

  • Blue recycling toters and gray cardboard carts will be available in their typical locations in dorms and across campus.

Where will dumpsters be located? 

  • Dumpsters will be dispersed outside near residence halls.

How will I know if a container is used for donations, recycling, or trash?

  • Blue indoor donation carts will be labeled
  • Outdoor donation piles will be marked with white yard signs
  • Recycling toters and carts will be located next to a recycling poster
  • Trash dumpsters will have magnetic labels to be identified as trash

Where does my donated/recycled/trashed item go?

  • Donated items go to Goodwill Industries of Michiana
  • Recycling is processed by Recycling Works
  • Trash is hauled away to the landfill by Waste Management 

Why should I sort and donate items I no longer want? 

  • Ever heard the saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure?” Proper sorting of discarded items in Move-Out allows items that may normally go into the trash to be reused or recycled. Every year during Move-Out, truckloads of items get donated to Goodwill thanks to efforts from students. Last year, over 15 tons of items were able to be donated!

Common Dorm Items

Item How to Process Location
Bedding (clean) Donate Indoor donation carts 
Books Donate* Check with your local Hall Council
Broken electronics Trash Dumpsters outside of residence halls
Cardboard Recycle Gray recycling carts 
Clothes Donate Indoor donation carts
Couch Donate Outside donation pile
Chair Donate Outside donation pile 
Desk lamp Donate Indoor donation carts
Fridges Donate Outside donation pile 
Floor lamp Donate Outside donation pile 
Food - opened or expired Trash Dumpsters outside of residence halls
Food - unopened and unexpired Donate* Check with your local Hall Council
Futon Donate Outside donation pile
Glass bottles Recycle Blue toters located within residence halls 
Kitchen utensils or serveware Donate Indoor donation carts
Mattress protector Donate Indoor donation carts
Microwave Donate Indoor donation carts
Pens, pencils, and other school supplies Trash Dumpsters outside of residence halls
Pillows Trash Dumpsters outside of residence halls
Posters Recycle Blue toters located within residence halls
Rugs or carpeting Donate Outside donation pile

*Some Hall Councils organize food and book drives. Please check with your dorm's Council to see if food and book donations are available to you during move-out. If your hall doesn't have a book drive, please put your books in the indoor donation carts. If your dorm does not have a food drive, please trash it or take it to a local food shelter