Procurement Partner Supplier Award

The University of Notre Dame congratulates Kimberly-Clark, the recipient of the inaugural 2019 Procurement Partner Supplier Award at this year’s supplier expo.  This past year Kimberly-Clark funded the conversion of all paper-towel dispensers on campus, which required the retrofitting of multi-fold towel dispensers to roll-towel dispensers.

This change allows the University to use a less expensive and less wasteful towel rather than a higher-priced multi-fold towel, significantly reducing cost and waste. Kimberly-Clark worked closely with our Building Services to roll out this change. This conversion resulted in a packaging waste reduction of 1,100 pounds and energy savings of 11.2 million BTUs, enough to power 45 homes for a day. Kimberly-Clark also supports the nitrile glove recycling program on campus which has diverted over 4,000 pounds from the landfill.  

The Office of Sustainability and the Office of Procurement Services encourages employees to continue working with suppliers on sustainability initiatives.  Your efforts will be honored during the FY 2020 Supplier Expo.

To fulfill our commitment to fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, it is important that our faculty and staff communicate and are open to suppliers' ideas to help drive innovation and identify new and sustainable offerings.

We are pleased to announce that we are continuing this annual award in 2020.  Criteria for the award include environmental impact, reach of influence, innovation, and commitment to efficiency.

This award will be issued in the fall of 2020.  Nominations will be accepted until September 30, 2020.

Any questions you have regarding the award can be sent to Allison Mihalich.

Ready to nominate? Click here for the 2020 form!