Small Working Group Members


Jennifer Tank

Ludmilla F., Stephen J., and Robert T. Galla Professor of Biological Sciences, Director, Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative
College of Science



  • Diogo Bolster

    Frank M. Freimann Professor of Engineering, Associate Director of Environmental Change Initiative
    College of Engineering

  • Terrence Ehrman, C.S.C.

    Assistant Director, Life Sciences Research and Outreach
    Office of Research

  • Chip Farrell

    Senior Environmental and Safety Specialist
    Facilities Design and Operations

  • Paul Kempf

    Senior Director, Utilities and Maintenance
    Facilities Design and Operations

  • Gary Lamberti

    Director, GLOBES Graduate Certificate Program in Environment and Society and Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
    College of Science

  • Allison Mihalich

    Senior Program Director, Office of Sustainabaility
    University Operations

  • Brett Peters

    ND-LEEF Assistant Director
    College of Science

  • Matthew Trentman

    Graduate Student