We're on the map

Author: Sara Brown


The interactive campus map now has a new “Green Tour” overlay. This layer allows students, staff, faculty, and guests to better understand where sustainability initiatives are happening on campus and to utilize the physical campus as a learning experience.

“Our website and office has always been very informative regarding ND’s sustainability efforts, but we thought it would be important for everyone to know where it all happens on campus. That’s why we created the Green Tour with the help of AgencyND,” said Sara Brown, Program and Intern coordinator.

The Green Tour highlights places such as the locations of Notre Dame’s five LEED certified buildings, solar panels, the campus garden, the vertical wind turbine, and the Center for Sustainable Energy. Each building blurb contains information on the sustainability related efforts happening at that location. For example, when you click on the campus garden, the blurb explains how this organic garden gives the Notre Dame Community the chance to grow their own food and promote healthy families and a healthy environment, while at the same time supplying campus eateries with fresh produce. It also links visitors back to a previous news article for more information.

The overlay is adding a virtual supplement to existing focus on sustainability in campus tours. “Geddes Hall is always featured during my tours since it shows the University’s commitment to Catholic Social Teaching, service and academics in a building that is a LEED certified gold building,” said Anne Whitty, Campus Tour Guide and Class of ’12. “The green overlay gives visitors an opportunity to see where buildings and other greening efforts are taking place quickly and easily online.”

Ultimately the addition of this map will increase awareness of sustainability’s physical presence and continued integration on campus. Being able to visit, interact and know where these initiatives are happening supports Notre Dame’s overall sustainability strategy. As new projects and initiatives emerge, the map will be updated with their respective locations.