Tayst pods offer compostable alternative to K-Cups

Author: Donnetta McClellan

Tayst 1

Campus Dining is committed to environmental sustainability and meeting customer demands. Notre Dame faculty, staff and guests love Keurig-brewed coffee, but the single-use plastic coffee pods collect in trash bins and end up in the landfill week after week. So Notre Dame Vending, a part of Campus Dining, worked with the Office of Sustainability and found a solution. Compostable Tayst pods provide a more sustainable solution to office coffee. 

Tayst pods are 100 percent compostable and are completely compatible with your Keurig coffee maker. While the use of a single K-Cup may appear to be an insignificant source of waste, an office of 10 individuals making the switch to Tayst can divert as much as 200 pounds of plastic from the landfill every year. Tayst is committed to supporting and working with coffee farms that have earned the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. The goals of the Rainforest Alliance are to protect biodiversity, deliver financial benefits to farmers and foster a culture of respect for workers and local communities. In addition to these goals, the alliance works to promote decent living conditions for workers, gender equality and access to education for children in farm communities. For more information, visit the Tayst website.

Both Tayst coffee pods and their return composting service are available through the Notre Dame Vending website. Simply place an order using your departmental account, and your coffee and return service box will be delivered to you. 

For more information, and for more tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, check out our website at green.nd.edu, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @sustainableND.

Originally published by Donnetta McClellan, Office of Sustainability at ndworks.nd.edu on January 23, 2020.