ND Bikes to Work

Author: Rachel Novick


Michiana Bike to Work Week drew teams from all over campus, involving over a hundred of people who collectively biked many thousands of miles. Campus teams held a friendly competition and first place went to the College of Science team (pictured above with Dean Gregory Crawford on the far right). The team of 63 biked a total of 2,020 miles and averaged 32.31 miles per rider.

Other campus teams included the College of Engineering, Notre Dame Law School, the DeBartolians, the Kellogg Institute, NDduBikeLac, Physical Education, ND Irish Health, Athletics, RecSports and the Alliance for Catholic Education. The annual Michiana Bike to Work Week took place May 24th-28th, 2010. For a complete list of results, visit michianabiketowork.org.

For more information about biking in Michiana, check out the Guide to Michiana Bike Routes and the Michiana Bike Map, an interactive map that rates bike lanes by safety.