November is Laundry Month

Author: Olivia Critchlow


It is no longer avoidable, winter is coming. Many students returned to campus from Fall Break with their winter clothes in tow leading us to highlight our November theme, laundry. In this third month of the Dorm Energy Championship, Sustainability Commissioners will be holding events to spread smart laundry tips and encourage residents to change up their laundry routines. In dorms with machines that do not clearly label water temperature, residents will be informed of which setting to use.

“Most people don’t think about environmental impact when they do laundry but you can save significant amounts of energy and water by running full loads, using cold water, and hang drying your clothes,” said Christian Nofziger ’15. “It doesn’t take much effort and the savings can have a huge impact. A simple change from hot to cold water can result in a 90% energy savings!”

October’s theme was thermostats, and residents were able to save 78,730 Killowatt hours of electricity. This amount also represents a $3,936 savings. Further, 110,223 pounds of carbon dioxide never entered the atmosphere. This month’s winners will have the opportunity to assign their green points at the upcoming commissioner meeting.