2023 AASHE Conference & Expo

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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After three years of successfully hosting a virtual conference, AASHE invites you to experience the highly anticipated AASHE 2023 Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts, from October 29-31, 2023! Join them for a transformative journey as they unveil a trailblazing program to empower higher education sustainability professionals. Engage in this immersive learning experience while gaining innovative strategies to transform your institution effectively. Discover key opportunities, accelerate sustainability efforts, and forge connections with like-minded leaders. Register now to secure your spot and shape the future of sustainability.

The conference will debut a new program tailored to provide higher education sustainability change-makers with an immersive learning experience that provides new ways of thinking and strategies to transform their institutions more effectively. AASHE will also delve into key opportunities and leverage points for advancing sustainability efforts. And, since we’ll be in person, there’ll be abundant opportunities to network and forge deeper connections with fellow sustainability leaders.

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