SISE 2020: In This Together: Lessons from Coronavirus for Energy and Sustainability

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Location: Online


About the Program


The global pandemic has taught us that isolation is likely the only way to defeat COVID-19 in the short-term. Shelter-in-place may be the appropriate response right now. Still, it cannot be the lesson that we apply to gigaton challenges – issues so complex they seem impossible – in energy and the environment going forward. From public health to energy and the environment, these gigaton challenges require a systems approach involving collaborative and inclusive networks to implement large-scale solutions.
In this Together is a hybrid-access (80% open; 20% private) virtual conference that will consider how cities, countries, and the world can tackle a variety of energy and environment-related topics including pandemics, the new energy economy, social justice and activism, and the market. All participants will have opportunities to personally engage with thought-leaders in solutions-oriented dialogue. An exclusive group of selected students will be named SISE Fellows, and they will use the tools of GoogleMaps and LinkedIn to build a community-of-purpose. Fellows who complete the program will receive:

  • American Energy Society (AES) Honoraria

  • AES Premium Membership

  • Access to SISE Alumni database

  • LinkedIn professional development credits

  • Professional development coaching and support

For more information and fellowship registration, go here. All public forums will be available for free on Youtube. 

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