Book Discussion: Living Climate Justice - One Action at a Time

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Climate Justice

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, ND Energy is hosting a book review and discussion on Climate Justice by Mary Robinson. This book tells the story of people around the globe that are experiencing climate change first-hand and what they are doing about it. For example, in Chapter 8: Taking Responsibility, Robinson describes a woman, Natalie Isaacs, who decides to take it upon herself to focus on one thing each month to see what she can do in her own life to make her lifestyle more sustainable. She first looked at her power bill and then at her food waste and composting. She saw that these small steps could be done by people in her own neighborhood and the greater community. This led to the 1 Million Women website (, where Isaacs inspires people around the world to change their lifestyle and to take action to be more sustainable. 

ND Energy recommends Climate Justice as a good read and invites anyone interested to also participate in the online book review and discussions. The objective is to help jumpstart changes in personal lifestyles that could influence how people shop, what people consume, and how people can change the future for others by making better choices. All of this ultimately leading to a greater impact on the future of humanity. 

The online book review will cover 2-3 chapters each session with participants having an in-depth discussion on key topics and steps that have been or could be taken. Participants will need to obtain their own copy of Climate Justice and have access to Zoom (download at to participate. A Zoom link will be sent in advance of each session to registrants and also posted on the event page.

The first session will cover the Prologue and Chapter 1: Understanding Climate Justice, and will be held on Wed., April 29, from 12-1 p.m. (EDT). Subsequent sessions will be held during the same time as follows: 

April 29:  Prologue and Chapter 1 (15 pp)
May 6:  Chapters 2, 3, 4 (34 pp)
May 13:  Chapters 5, 6, 7 (32 pp)
May 20:  Chapter 8, 9 (25 pp)
May 27:  Chapter 10 (17 pp)


Registration is not required, yet appreciated by April 27. Anyone is welcome to join throughout the discussion series.

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1200 Compost1
Inspired by the book, Climate Justice, Ginger Sigmon, managing director of ND Energy, stands in front of the compost box she’s been wanting to start for several years.

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