Tricycles Provide Alternative Transportation

Author: Meredith Rowland


The Utilities Department has taken a bold step toward reducing their carbon footprint and improving the health of their staff. The department purchased ten yellow tricycles over the summer as an alternative way for the Building Controls and Building Systems staff to get around campus. Most of the tricycles have been fitted with tool boxes on the back for tools and parts.

Previously, it had been difficult for the workers to find parking spaces close to the buildings they were working in. With the tricycles, they can pull right up to the front door. Building Controls Supervisor Rich Warner said, “I can get to buildings faster riding my trike than by truck. I personally think they are a great tool for getting our job done.”

The tricycle fleet may not be immediately replicated in other campus departments, but it is unquestionably an innovative way to get around campus that directly benefits the environment. “I have over 80 miles on my trike and I have even lost a few pounds since I started riding,” said Warner. “I am sold on them!”