The Madness Begins!

Author: Dana Bakirtjy


Let the Madness Begin!

This month the Notre Dame campus will again experience Megawatt Madness: an energy reduction competition that will pit dorm against dorm with the objective of seeing who can reduce their energy use the most. With the winning dorm receiving a prize of a catered Chipotle dinner and possession of the traveling trophy competition will be surely be fierce.

Week 1 (2/9-2/15) Brother-Sister dorm pairs will face off to compete for a private candlelit Mass in the Grotto. In addition to competing against other dorm pairs, students can submit a sustainability selfie on Facebook to the Office of Sustainability – Notre Dame page or email to to win a $50 gift card.

Week 2 (2/16-2/22) continues the contest by pitting each quad against each other. The winning quad will get a skating party at Compton complete with glowsticks and tunes. The most creative sustainability themed vine or Instagram video wins the social media competition this week and a $50 gift card. The winner will be chosen from all entries posted on Facebook to the Office of Sustainability – Notre Dame page or emailed to

Week 3 (2/23-3/1) returns the competition back to individual dorms. Each dorm has the opportunity to fully represent themselves and make the last push to pull themselves ahead to the finish line and win a Chipotle Party and the coveted traveling trophy. The student with the best meme about energy conservation will receive the weekly $50 gift card, post your meme on Facebook to the Office of Sustainability – Notre Dame page or email to

In addition to the weekly competitions, all dorms who are able to reduce their energy by at least 5% will be entered into an individual drawing for a Fro-Yo party.

To see how your dorm is doing, visit Notre Dame’s energy dashboard for real time updates.

02.09-03.01 Group Competition Group prize Individual Competition Individual Prize
Week 1 Brother-Sister Dorms Candlelit Mass in Grotto Sustainability Selfies $50 Gift card
Week 2 Quads Skating at Compton Best Vine $50 Gift card
Week 3 Individual (reduction) Traveling trophy + Chipotle party Best meme $50 Gift card
Individual (drawing) Fro-Yo party