Sustainability moves to Brownson

Author: Rachel Novick


The Office of Sustainability has moved! In mid-July, the Office took up permanent residence in Brownson Hall, located behind the Main Building. Brownson Hall was constructed in 1855 as part of the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and over the years has served an amazing array of functions – dormitory, print shop, gymnasium, kitchen, chapel, and home to numerous organizations.

The Office of Sustainability is located in 100 Brownson, which has been renovated with many sustainable features including occupancy sensors for the light switches and low VOC furniture, wall coverings and flooring for optimum indoor air quality. The University Architect worked with the Office of Sustainability to responsibly source the materials in the new space while providing maximum functionality, space utilization, and aesthetic quality. All of the new desks, drawers, and cabinets contain recycled and regionally sourced materials.

“The conference table is made of 73% recycled content,” said Heather Christophersen, Director of Sustainability, “and all of the furniture fabrics are rapidly renewable, contain recycled materials, or both. The design colors and bright, open space make it a very pleasant place in which to work.”