Sober Up: Turn Off Your Faucet

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Student GD Project

In response to the 2008 Academic forum, design students in a senior level Graphic Design class spent their final weeks of the fall semester working on projects to advocate sustainability in the Notre Dame community. Breaking into groups targeting water, paper and off-campus recycling, the students created campaigns to promote conserving and recycling while keeping in mind the specificities of a college lifestyle in mind.

The water group focused their efforts on getting students to waste less water in their daily activities by designing signs to be hung in showers and above water fountains and sinks. These are meant to remind students to be conservative with the amount of water they use in a humorous way, using the slogans “I’m so wasted” and “Sober up: Turn off your faucet.”

As for the inspiration for this unique campaign, the group says, “A simple poster would have been lost in the cluttered bulletin boards across campus. We wanted our campaign to stand out and draw attention.” The water group also designed stickers to pass out to students who could then carry on the message of the campaign be it in their notebooks, dorms, or off-campus locations.

See the student-created process booklet.