January is Refrigerator Month

Author: Robert Coly


Despite January’s frigid temperatures, it’s easy to forget that our refrigerators consume significant amounts of energy. For this reason, January’s Dorm Energy Championship theme is refrigerators.

Many of us have refrigerators in our dorms but few realize the impact that refrigeration has on total energy consumption. In fact, refrigeration is generally the second-highest use of electricity in a home, trailing only heating and cooling. To reduce this impact, the Office of Sustainability encourages all students to follow these simple steps:

1. Share refrigerators with roommates
2. Unplug your refrigerators over breaks, vacations, and periods of non-use
3. Be sure to buy only Energy Star appliances

December’s Dorm Energy Championship theme was vampire energy. While away on break, students were encouraged to unplug appliances and electronics that, despite non-use, continue to consume energy. Throughout December, campus residents were able to save 70,759 kWh of electricity. The greatest savings were achieved by Lewis, Knott, and Welsh Fam. Sustainability commissioners from the winning dorms will have the opportunity to assign December’s green points at the next commissioner meeting.