Purcell Pavilion receives LEED Gold

Author: Rachel Novick

Purcell Pavilion

Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center recently received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The addition to the Joyce Center was completed last winter and includes a new three-story lobby, the Notre Dame ticket operations, and a varsity shop to sell apparel and souvenirs, in addition to a new club seating and hospitality area.

Purcell Pavilion was constructed with many locally sourced materials: more than 20% of the construction materials in the building were manufactured and harvested regionally (within 500 miles) of the project. Rapidly renewable materials, such as cork, were used for the floors as well.

16% of the building materials used consisted of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content, including the structural steel and reinforcement, concrete, metal studs, insulation, aluminum window framing, gypsum wallboard, spray fireproofing, terrazzo, toilet partitions and ceiling tile.

The highly efficient building was designed to be 21% more energy efficient than a baseline model depicted by a conventional design approach. Contributing to his energy efficiency is a white roof membrane which reflects the heat in the summer and reduces the cooling load.

The building also achieves a high standard of water efficiency by utilizing low flow urinals, faucets and shower heads, and dual flush low-flow toilets.

During the construction process, 1,246 tons (83.2%) of construction waste was diverted from the landfill; these materials were either recycled or reused.