Pope Francis releases encyclical, University responds

Author: Dana Bakirtjy


Pope Francis has released his long awaited encyclical on climate change today, calling for swift action from all to counteract the effects of global warming. The university has provided much commentary on the encyclical, all of which is chronologically listed below. Also listed below are some selected articles that help summarize and analyze what Pope Francis intended in the most prominent encyclical release in 30 years.

Notre Dame:
June 8, 2015: Notre Dame scholars expect new encyclical to shine ‘holy light’ on climate change

June 17, 2015: The Pope’s Challenge on Global Warming, by Rev. John I. Jenkins

June 18, 2015: Notre Dame faculty read and react to new encyclical on climate change

External sources:
June 18, 2015, Washington Post: 10 key excerpts from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment

June 18, 2015, New York Times: Pope Francis, in Sweeping Encyclical, Calls for Swift Action on Climate Change

June 18, 2015, America Magazine: Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

June 18, 2015, New York Times: Pope Francis Aligns Himself With Mainstream Science on Climate

June 18, 2015, CNN: 5 powerful quotes from the Pope’s encyclical

June 18, 2015, National Catholic Reporter: US Church grateful for Pope Francis’ ‘marvelous’ encyclical

June 18, 2015, National Catholic Reporter: Francis’ encyclical is a step in the right direction, those outside the church say

June 18, 2015, Grist: The pope’s climate change encyclical, in tweets