Pilot Program Tests Out Ultra-Efficient Lighting

Author: Rachel Novick


If you happened to notice the blue signs around campus saying “Look Up”, you would know that Notre Dame is conducting a pilot study to test out ultra-efficient LED lighting. But if you hadn’t seen the signs, it would be hard to tell that anything has changed: the LED lights popping up around campus are at least as bright as the old lights, but they are 50-80% more efficient.

LED lighting has been installed on the new Irish Green, in the Facilities Building conference room, in the elevator lobby of Hesburgh Library, and in outdoor lamp-posts in South Quad. These installations will be used to test the performance and energy conservation impact of LED and to evaluate the feasibility of LED lighting across the campus.

Many of these lights were produced by Cree, founder of LED University, an international community of universities working to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient LEDs across their campuses. See their press release for more details.