Microfiber Mops Sweep Campus

Author: Rachel Novick


Notre Dame’s Building Services is steadily replacing conventional loop mops in favor of microfiber mops, resulting in increased cleanliness, reduced chemical usage, greater ease of use, and extended mop lifespans. The mops will be replaced building-by-building and will eventually fully replace loop mops on campus.

“Building Services needs to use the most effective tools of the trade, and at this time microfiber is that tool,” said Jeff Edgerly, Assistant Director of Building Services. “Although more expensive initially, the cost is off-set because they last five to ten times longer than conventional mops.”

Microfiber mops also improve working conditions for Notre Dame’s custodial staff. “Using microfiber eliminates some of the repetitive and strenuous motions associated with this work,” added Edgerly. “The new mops are five pounds lighter than conventional mops, they reduce cleaning times, and they reduce the use of water and cleaning agents by 95%.”

The new mops have greater flexibility, allowing for mopping, wall washing, dusting, and baseboard cleaning. Additionally, a freshly laundered mop head is used for each room, increasing sanitation and eliminating the need for wringing and constant replacement of cleaning solution.

“Microfiber mops are a great example of how sustainability and cost savings can go hand-in-hand,” said Erin Hafner, Programs Manager in the Office of Sustainability. “Building Services is a key partner in the campus-wide effort to reduce waste, and this initiative is going to make a major impact.”