March is Computer Month

Author: Sean Gervais


Notre Dame’s Dorm Energy Championship advances through the winter, and the new theme of March is computers.

Almost all rooms have at least one computer in this age of information, so this theme applies to all people at the university and beyond its sphere. Here are some tips to help reduce energy usage and improve efficiency.

1. Set your monitor and hard drive to go to sleep when they haven’t been in use for 5-10 minutes.
2. Skip having a screensaver for sleep mode.
3. Turn off rotating screensavers and the brightness of your screens.
4. Keep peripherals off when not in use.
5. Use a power strip.

Following these simple steps can give your dorm the final push that it needs to get in the lead for the last month of competition, April, which will set you up for the championship.

Now that three-fourths of the competition is over, the current standings are as follows: 1. Knott, 2. Sorin, 3. Lewis, 4. Welsh Family, and 5. Pasquerilla West. There is still plenty of time for this top five to be replaced with another set of dorms if a strong push is made. By planning green events and improving energy efficiency, this competition is still wide open.