Jug Free Bliss

Author: Myles Robertson


With the installation of a new main-line water filtration system, water cooler chat just got a little more interesting in Haggar Hall. Initially installed to cut down on water jug clutter, the system is actually saving money for the Department of Psychology. The Department installed the system in Haggar Hall’s main lounge in December 2012, making them the first department to utilize the system.

The Department’s Senior Administrative Assistant, Rhonda Singleton, was influential in getting the system installed. “Before the installation, we were going through ten or more water jugs a week,” Singleton said. “Initially we switched to a tap filter but weren’t happy with the taste or the temperature. With the main-line system, we don’t have either of those problems.”

The new system, which ties the water cooler into the lounge’s main water line, filters the water and dispenses both hot and cold water from the water cooler without the need for bulky and sometimes unsightly water jugs.

This saves more than space: there’s no longer any need to pay $3.95 per jug, plus there is less labor involved. “Now that we have the main-line system, we no longer have to carry the heavy jugs which sometimes got spilled, and the water tastes great,” said Singleton.

There is no charge for the installation of the system. However, there is a monthly fee of $29.95 which includes scheduled maintenance, filter replacements, and repairs if needed. If your office is going through more than eight five-gallon jugs a month the system will actually save you money.

Since December, two other departments have switched to the main-line system and more are on the way. To see about getting a main-line system installed in your office, contact Vending.