It ain't easy being green

Author: Rachel Novick

Its official. Being “green” is a full-fledged cultural movement.

How can I proclaim this with such uncompromising certainty? Time Warner Cable Channel 1226: Planet Green. The movement has its own official cable channel (regular and HD).

The channel features all kinds of “green” programming, showing hip, cool people doing hip and cool green projects. From Emril Lagasse’s organic cooking show to Tommy Lee and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges eco-tour face off, the channel really does make being green look so fresh and stylish. The crowning show, however, is “Alter Eco.” Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, introduces a few of his friends who are building a fully green house in L.A.. They then spend the majority of the show helping other high-end designers “green up” the operation.

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