Bring back those hangers

Author: Rachel Novick

harr_hanger_hero Associate VP David Harr returning hangers

Hangers from the dry cleaner are one of those items that slowly pile up in your house, and you’re not really sure what to do with them.

“Americans use about 3.5 billion dry-cleaner wire hangers each year, and almost all of them end up in the landfill,” says Erin Hafner, Programs Manager in the Office of Sustainability. “That’s as much steel as it takes to make 60,000 cars.”

St. Michael’s Laundry is doing its part to address this problem by encouraging patrons to return hangers for reuse whenever they come in to drop off clothing for cleaning or tailoring.

“You can bring them in on your own or pick up one of the free hanger caddies we provide at either our on-campus location or the main plant behind the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union,” explains Robin Kramer, Associate Director at St. Michael’s. “Returning your hangers to St. Michael’s is one of the easiest ways you can be more eco-friendly in your daily life.”

St. Michael’s Laundry also offers a wet cleaning alternative to traditional dry cleaning that is suitable for most dry clean only clothing. Unlike dry cleaning, the wet cleaning machine does not use chemical solvents, which are harmful to people and the environment. St. Michael’s is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.