Green Out Goes Green

Author: Rachel Novick


The Leprechaun Legion is bringing a new level of green to the Green Out planned for the football game against Oklahoma on September 28th. The Legion has announced that the dorm with the greatest number of commitments to sustainable practices (as a percentage of residents) will get to choose a charity that will receive a donation from the Kelly Cares Foundation.

Students can register their commitments on Notre Dame’s Energy Dashboard. From each dorm’s homepage on the dashboard, a list of 27 options appear. Students can choose from commitments such as cutting back on electricity by using more daylight, taking shorter showers, or talking with friends about saving energy. The contest for most commitments ends Wednesday September 25th.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the Kelly Cares Foundation and Leprechaun Legion to increase awareness about making sustainable choices,” said Olivia Critchlow in the Office of Sustainability. “The Green Out will truly demonstrate how individuals making small daily changes can really add up across a whole campus.”