Greenfields serving up sustainability

Author: Rachel Novick


A mouthwatering caramel pineapple yogurt parfait, savory Casablanca stew, and deliciously unique Michigan Farmland Salad are just a few of the menu items that have transformed Greenfields into the healthy dining destination on campus. Located in the Hesburgh Center for International Studies, Greenfields recently underwent renovation and Notre Dame Food Services took this opportunity to create a more sustainable restaurant.

The innovative menu offers Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish, a variety of locally produced and seasonal foods, and Fair Trade coffee. All menu items are designated as Healthy, Low-fat, and/or Vegetarian.

Even beyond the menu, sustainability is in evidence throughout the restaurant. The lighting has been converted to high-efficiency fluorescents, the glass wall tiles are made of partially recycled materials, and appliances are all Energy Star rated. The cabinets are finished with Kirei board, made of the left-over, post-harvest stalks of the sorghum plant. Even the chairs are eco-friendly: each chair is made from over one hundred recycled soda bottles.

“Greenfields is a sustainable restaurant on several different levels,” said Michael Davy, a Manager in ND Food Services. “It features a seasonal menu that utilizes as many locally purchased ingredients as possible, was renovated with environmentally aware materials, and seeks to help its customers eat well by combining the right amount of foods. Greenfields calls you to eat well.”