Freshen Up Your Day

Author: Myles Robertson


In the midst of a somewhat dreary winter, Unity Gardens is keeping things lively with a variety of fresh, fun, and FREE classes open to all. Every Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 10 am classes are offered with gardening topics ranging everywhere from planning, to composting, to pest management. They’ve even developed classes tailored to the younger crowds (those in 3rd through 6th grade) that meet Saturdays at noon.

If gardening tips and techniques don’t entice you, Unity Gardens offers a selection of other programs as well. Intrigued by the proposition of allowing chicken coops in the city? Don’t miss out on your chance to hear all about it on February 27th at 6pm. Do you enjoy honey in your tea or on your biscuits? Unity Gardens is running a 3-part series about the basics of beekeeping.

In addition, Unity Gardens’ 3rd annual Growing Summit will be held on March 22nd and 23rd. The two day event will cover many of the same topics as the classes coming up, but will pack them all into one fun and exciting weekend.

Why is Unity Gardens so intent on offering all of these classes? Education is a key component of Unity Gardens’ overall mission. Their organization is founded on the goal of improving community health physically, socially, and economically.


Each Unity Garden strives to bring together a diverse group of people to grow, share, appreciate, and enjoy food even on a very limited budget. These classes happen to serve this purpose perfectly. As Mitch Yaciw, master gardener at Unity Gardens described, “It’s exciting to hear from new gardeners every year that comment on how the classes have changed the way they think about growing food. Not to mention the social aspects, friends and connections made in the classes.”