September Raffle Winner Announced

Author: Rachel Novick

laura_miller_2.jpg Laura Miller is the first winner of the Grab ‘n Go Raffle. About 2,000 students used a reusable grab ‘n go bag since the raffle program began in mid-September, and nearly 1,000 of them entered the September drawing.

For Laura, bringing a reusable grab ‘n go bag is as much about convenience as resource conservation. “It saves time because you don’t worry about pulling apart the stuck paper bags and it’s easier for the ladies when they’re counting up your points,” she said. She also confessed that the mesh bags don’t “make noise like the paper bags do when you’re trying to sneak a snack in class!”

Laura selected dinner for two at Sorin’s, the restaurant of the Morris Inn, as her prize. Another winner will be selected at the end of October.