Energy Week: Something for Everyone

Author: Rachel Novick


This year’s Energy Week features a myriad of fascinating and fun events that will engage students, faculty, and staff throughout campus. “This is the fourth year the Energy Center Student Advisory Board has put on Energy Week, and there is no doubt it has gotten better each year,” said Meehan Lenzen, president of GreeND and one of the week’s organizers. “I’m most excited about one of our brand new events, Energy Trivia Night at Legends! Also, the t-shirts this year are pretty fantastic, so I’d recommend getting them early.”

Energy Week runs from Friday, September 24, through Thursday, September 30, and will be kicked off Activities at the Irish Green prior to the Stanford game Pep Rally. There will be Energy Week t-shirts for sale, prizes, and more.

Saturday, September 25 will feature an Energy Expo at Jordan Hall of Science. From 10am-12pm, leading energy experts will speak on current energy topics. From 12-1pm, adults and children of all ages are invited to participate in energy related hands-on activities and experiments.

On Monday, September 27 from 10:00am to 3:00pm, South Quad will host the annual Quad Display, where Energy companies and organizations will display their latest projects and newest technologies in sustainable energy.

There will be tours of the Notre Dame Power Plant and Geddes Hall, Notre Dame’s first LEED Gold certified building. Two sustainability-related films, The 11th Hour and No Impact Man, will be screened as well.

On Tuesday, September 28th at 3:30, Ariel Castillo, Ph.D. Candidate at George Washington University, will discuss current research that is being done to assist in solving climate and energy issues by determining energy demands of the Department of Defense facilities and non-tactical vehicles that could be met by solar generation.

On Wednesday, September 29th at 7:30, Notre Dame professors will discuss current research initiatives at Notre Dame in alternative energy sources followed with questions moderated by Patrick Murphy, Managing Director of the Notre Dame Energy Center and the Sustainable Energy Initiative. Speakers are: Joan Brennecke (CO2 Capture and Geothermal); Seth Brown (Solar); Peter Burns (Nuclear); Thomas Corke (Wind); Rob Nerenberg (Biofuels).

The week will conclude with a Green Mass on Thursday, September 30 at 5:00 pm in Holy Cross Chapel in Stinson-Remick Hall and Energy Trivia Night at 9:30 p.m. at Legends. For complete details on the week’s activities, visit our Events page.