Energy Challenge Performance Down in March

Author: Rachel Novick


Energy Challenge performance was down in the Main Building and across the College of Science for the month of March, with the result that energy savings for the Dome averaged -3.4% and the College averaged .9% for the first two months of the Challenge.

However, both entities have been putting significant efforts into long-term conservation measures that should yield increasing results as we head into the air conditioning season. Last week, the Main Building: reduced the number of hours per day that the building is heated or cooled, and several offices have invited the Office of Sustainability to conduct energy audits or sent representatives to one of the Sustainable Office Practices Workshops being offered on campus.

The College of Science: recently completed an energy audit of Hayes-Healey and Hurley Halls, and has begun implementing conservation strategies such as installing door sweeps to block the wind, ensuring that double doors close properly, and adjusting radiators. They are also beginning to place stickers on fume hoods and light switches reminding users to conserve energy.

Dean Crawford met with the nighttime custodian shifts in the various science buildings and enlisted their support in making sure lights are off and seeking out energy-saving opportunities. “We are doing everything we can to keep the energy use down when we are working at night,” said a member of the Hurley night staff. The staffs’ first recommendation was to put the decorative lighting in Hurley’s globe room on a timer, a change that will save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.