Campus volunteers target trash

Author: Rachel Novick


TrashTrotterz is a new local volunteer group that combines litter clean-up with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The organization was founded by Stephanie Gaal, who teaches physical education at Notre Dame. “We walk, hike, and run, and pick up trash along the way,” explains Gaal. “While we are helping to make our environment safer and healthier, we are also taking care of ourselves by working to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Gaal’s passion for cleaning up litter is evident as she describes her motivation for creating TrashTrotterz. “I went out for a run one day down the East Race along the St. Joseph River. As I was running I found it hard not to count the pieces of trash I ran passed. Each time I had run that route, I had hoped someone would clean it up, but each time, it was all still there. As I came back from my run I noticed a large piece of plastic wrap on the sidewalk on Eddy Street. I got into my house, grabbed a garbage bag, picked up the plastic wrap, and then continued picking up trash for three hours.”

TrashTrotterz is hosting its first community clean-up event on Sunday, May 1st from 1pm to 5pm. Volunteers will meet at Coquillard Park, located behind Perley Elementary School at 740 N Eddy Street. Volunteers will be organized into groups and assigned a clean-up location. All necessary supplies will be provided.

For more information, email or visit the TrashTrotterz blog or Facebook page.