Building Services pilot conserves resources

Author: Rachel Novick


Building Services recently initiated a pilot program that incorporates a number of efficiency measures. The most prominent among them is a modification to building cleaning schedules in the four pilot buildings: Grace Hall, Brownson Hall, Maintenance Center, and the Main Building.

“Kitchens, bathrooms, and other common areas will continue to be cleaned on a daily basis. Individual offices and cubicles, however, will receive a thorough cleaning once a week,” explained Chris Hatfield, Director of Building Services. “The new schedule will enable us to continue to provide high quality service to the campus while improving stewardship of our resources.”

Several aspects of the pilot will improve resource conservation in addition to saving time for staff. Microfiber mops, which have been tested in a number of campus buildings, will be used throughout the pilot buildings; these mops use less water and cleaning chemicals and last longer than conventional mops. Foam soap dispensers will be installed in the pilot buildings in any locations that don’t yet have them, resulting in reduced soap and water use. Building Services will also remove trash cans from under desks while ensuring that trash cans in common areas are of adequate size.

“Consolidating trash collection in common areas while continuing to provide convenient recycling bins at everyone’s desk helps to encourage staff members to recycle more,” said Linda Kurtos, Director of Sustainability. “We anticipate that the new pilot program will help us continue to increase our campus recycling rate and work toward our goal of recycling 67% of our waste by 2030.”