Bookstore promotes sustainable reading

Author: Rachel Novick


Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore has made some exciting new additions to the already popular Sustainability Toolkit. The bookstore is contributing a reusable bag made out of 100% recycled bottles and a coupon for 15% off selected sustainability titles to each Toolkit.

The sustainability titles were recommended by faculty members from the Minor in Sustainability, now in its first semester. They are displayed at the bookstore along with dozens of other volumes on topics ranging from environmental economics to climate science to Catholic Social Teaching on the environment.

“Supporting awareness of sustainability on campus is a priority for us,” said Julie Nave, Marketing Specialist at Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore. “I was excited to receive my own Toolkit and learned so much from it about how I can reduce my own environmental footprint. I wanted the Bookstore to be part of making this program a success.”

The Sustainability Toolkit is being distributed by the Office of Sustainability to members of the campus community who take the 2030 Challenge, indicating their support for the University’s recently adopted sustainability strategy. The Toolkit contains useful information such as where to find discounts for bringing your own coffee mug to campus cafés, how your thermostat is supposed to work and what to do if it’s broken, and which seafood is the most responsible choice on the dinner menu. During the winter season, the Toolkit also contains a package of organic, fair-trade hot chocolate.

“We’re so grateful for the Bookstore’s support in this endeavor,” said Rachel Novick of the Office of Sustainability. “Over 450 faculty, staff, and students have taken the 2030 Challenge, and with these new additions to the Toolkit, we expect the interest to only increase. Anyone who has already received their Toolkit and wishes to get a coupon is encouraged to email our office or stop by."