1,000 Tons and Counting

Author: Rachel Novick


Notre Dame recently recycled its 1000th ton of the year. By way of comparison, at this point last year we had only recycled 423 tons. Much of the success is due to the standardization of single stream recycling across campus. Student recycling interns have worked diligently over the last year to audit recycling stations, add bins where needed, and post updated signage explaining that all paper, plastic, metal, and glass can be thrown in together. This has helped make recycling more prominent and less confusing for the campus community.

Just this week, campus recycling bins and signage were distributed throughout the Joyce Center. According to Pat O’Hara, Central Receiving Manager, “This is the first time we are attempting to capture recyclables at all events inside the JACC.” With a packed schedule of basketball games, hockey games, dances, and the Bengal Bouts, over 2.5 tons of recycling were collected at the JACC in the first week alone.

Another sign of the increase popularity of recycling on campus has been the need to convert many dumpsters formerly designated for trash to recycling. These include the dumpsters behind Bond Hall, St. Edwards, and the Mason Center, and most recently Grace Hall and the JACC.