Public Lecture: “A Climate for All of Us” by Katharine Hayhoe


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The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) and the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy) are honored to welcome Katharine Hayhoe, Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, to the University of Notre Dame for a public lecture titled, "A Climate for All of Us." This event is free and open to the general public. Registration is required, and attendees will be required to follow current University COVID-19 masks and visitors policies. 


During her presentation, Katharine will share how finding shared values can bring us to collective action to mitigate climate challenges and build a brighter future for all Hoosiers—from our cities to the lands we love.

After her talk, Katharine will be available to sign her latest book, Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. The book will be available for purchase, and refreshments will be served from 3:30 to 4 p.m.


Katharine Hayhoe is a world-renowned atmospheric scientist who studies climate change and why it matters to us here and now. In her role as Chief Scientist, Katharine is responsible for The Nature Conservancy’s wider portfolio of global climate advocacy and adaptation work.

She is also a Paul Whitfield Horn Distinguished Professor and the Political Science Endowed Chair in Public Policy and Public Law in the Department of Political Science at Texas Tech University. She has led the Department of the Interior’s South-Central Climate Adaptation Science Center and the National Science Foundation’s Global Infrastructure Climate Network.  

Katharine's research currently focuses on establishing a scientific basis for assessing the regional to local-scale impacts of climate change on human systems and the natural environment. To this end, she analyzes observations, compares future scenarios, evaluates global and regional climate models, builds and assesses statistical downscaling models, and strives to develop better ways of translating climate projections into information relevant to agriculture, ecosystems, energy, infrastructure, public health, and water resources.

She has served as lead author on the Second, Third, and Fourth National Climate Assessments. Katharine also hosts and produces the PBS Digital Series, Global Weirding, and serves on advisory committees for a range of organizations including the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the Earth Science Women’s Network, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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