Global Dialogues: The Worsening Water Crisis - Mumbai


Join the Mumbai Global Center and Krupali Uplekar Krusche who is the Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work and Director of DHARMA (Digital Historic Architectural Research and Material Analysis) research team. She will be discussing her Sea Level Rise Study: Environmental impact on development of the City of Mumbai in its future. A 3D Exhibit and International Conference, 'The Digital Future of World Heritage' was conducted in partnership with the United States Embassy to Italy, NASA, UNESCO and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in 2014. Both projects are part of the four year agreement with the World Heritage Center of UNESCO. The University of Notre Dame has created Development and Advancement of Resilient Cities Alliance (DVARCA), and will work on tackling issues related to climate change, including sea level rise as seen in Mumbai where planning tools like assessing onsite responses to transformations throughout the year will be recorded and included with studies done by CIRES, University of Colorado and NASA to create a comprehensive urban planning on a regional scale for the site. This will then be taken down to the level of individualized solutions on site with impact on the ground and local interventions for it.

Global Dialogues: The Worsening Water Crisis is a new, interactive series presented by Notre Dame International and ThinkND that highlights the University’s global reach through research, activism, and local impact around the globe as a further exploration of what connects us in our Care for Our Common Home.

During this series, we will learn about the global water crisis by connecting with partners around the world to study issues of water, including its accessibility, its impact on cities, and its importance to equity and food production.

Each week, we will travel the globe, from Mumbai to São Paulo, and showcase the impact of local research and fieldwork that is happening throughout the University’s network of programs, partnerships, and engagements with local people, organizations, and governments.

The Worsening Water Crisis will deliver a deep dive into local case studies that will be examined and discussed with an aim to connect, educate, inspire, and motivate people to come together to solve this global issue. It will offer an opportunity to engage with international communities and learn about the impact of climate change from Notre Dame’s expert faculty.

Please register for the series here. More Information can be found here. Sponsored by Notre Dame International and ThinkND.

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