ND-ECI Seminar: Karen Bailey


Location: Zoom

Karen B

Today's ND-ECI Fall Seminar Series has been postponed due to a famiy emergency.  ND ECI looks forward to rescheduling this talk for the new year.

Karen Bailey, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Colorado Boulder

Karen Bailey is interested in human-environment interactions, climate change, and sustainable rural livelihoods. She is an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist and combines social science research with environmental and ecological data to understand feedbacks between communities and their environments, how we can build resilience to climate change, and how to support landscapes that meet human needs and sustainability goals. She also has an emphasis on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in environmental fields and STEM more broadly and is committed to research that supports, amplifies and engages the most vulnerable among us. Her current projects focus on climate adaptation in southern Africa, human health and well-being in east Africa, barriers to entry in natural resource fields, just and equitable climate change research, and urban communities and environmental engagement.

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Originally published at environmentalchange.nd.edu.