2021 ND Energy Week: Homestead Dairy Tour


Location: Homestead Dairy, Plymouth, IN

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This event is limited to Notre Dame students. Transportation will be provided for off-campus tours. Space is limited, so registration is required. Additional details will be provided upon registration and confirmation.   

Did you know that food waste from Notre Dame’s dining halls is broken down into a slurry by one of three Grind2Waste systems? This waste is then delivered to Homestead Dairy in Plymouth, Indiana, where a digester converts the food waste into biogas for use in generators, while the liquid byproduct is used as fertilizer and the solids become bedding for cows. Tour the farm and learn more about this important conversion process.

This event is about 2 hours and 20 minutes long with a 40-minute drive each way and 1-hour tour/presentation.

More information on tours and the 2021 ND Energy Week can be found here

Originally published at forum2021.nd.edu.