Moving toward Cities where Earthquakes will not Cause a Grievous Disaster


Location: Geddes Hall B036 Map

This presentation will focus on large cities where people, information, wealth, and assets are highly concentrated and will propose to achieve a society in which major earthquake disasters do not occur by mitigating the disasters caused by major earthquakes as much as possible. The main topics covered are: 1. deep thinking based on the latest scientific knowledge and rich imagination; 2. selection of places suitable for residence and living; 3. introducing the urban seismic coefficient; 4. pushing for improvement in the seismic performance of buildings and infrastructures; 5. easing the concentration of population and functions; 6. building communities that enable shelter and escape; 7. resilient technology of the information and communication system and its effective utilization; 8. preparation and implementation of emergency response after earthquakes; 9. development and application of structural seismic technology; 10. drawing experience from domestic and foreign earthquake disasters and the launch of international cooperation and knowledge sharing; and 11. taking action from a cross-specialty horizon.