The Impact of Climate Events on Women and Girls


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Structural and cultural disparities make women disproportionately vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Women are more likely than men to die from natural disasters and climate change-related events, and due to their lack of legal and property rights, they have few resources with which to rebuild their lives. Climate change also contributes to high levels of forced migration, which often perpetuates and worsens these inequalities. When male family members migrate, female members are left to act as caregivers, in addition to becoming the sole breadwinner. Furthermore, when women themselves migrate, they often are seen as targets for human trafficking. Finally, as climate change decreases the availability of water, the amount of time dedicated to collecting it will increase, leaving young girls with less time to go to school and reinforcing the cycle of poverty. Overall, climate change largely affects a woman's role in her community, which ultimately further prolongs the opportunity to receive an education.

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