Sewer Pipes That Think: Reducing Pollution in the St. Joseph River


Location: Wiekamp Hall, Rm 101, IUSB campus

Luis Montrestruque, , Ph.D., President, CTO, EmNet, LLC; South Bend, IN 

There are more than 700 cities across the country that release a combined yearly average of more than 800 Billion gallons of raw sewage to rivers and oceans. These releases, called Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), occur because the sewers that were designed to carry both storm water and wastewater get overwhelmed during storm events. Typical solutions involve cost prohibitive solutions such as building large storage tanks or separating the sewers. This talk will explain how South Bend has used Internet of Things and Big Data to transform its aging sewer system into the smartest sewer system in the country and how it has reduced hundreds of millions of gallons of sewage from contaminating the St. Joseph River.

Part of IUSB's Sustainability and Innovation Lecture Series 2017