The Energy Challenge


Location: South Quad

Grab a partner, brush up on your knowledge of Notre Dame’s sustainable energy initiatives, and compete for some great solar-powered prizes. In Part 1 of the Energy Challenge, participants will use strategy to earn points by taking selfies at specific energy-related locations around campus. Part 2 will give participants a chance to add more points by taking the Energy Trivia Challenge. (HINT: Attending activities during Energy Week could help provide answers to some of the questions. Cell phones may not be used during Part 2.)

Winners will be awarded solar-powered prizes, including a string of lights, a power pack, and a solar backpack. The top prize winners also will be featured in an article on the ND Energy website.

Grab a partner and be at the smoothie bike at the Sustainability Fair by 4:45 pm.


*This event will be rescheduled if the Sustainability Fair is moved to the Stepan Center due to inclement weather.