Annual Hesburgh Lecture: Bill McKibben


Location: McKenna Auditorium

The Last Ditch Effort for a Working Climate: Report from the Front Lines

As the annual Hesburgh Lecturer, Bill McKibben will take the planet's temperature in the wake of the Paris climate accords, the papal encyclical on the climate, and the hottest year ever measured on the planet. Science and politics mesh to give us some sense of how fast we must move, how fast we can move, and how we can work together to speed up that process. Widely considered “America’s most important environmentalist”, Mckibben is the founder of, which under his leadership spearheaded the successful resistance to the Keystone Pipeline, organized the 400,000 strong NYC Climate March, and launched the fast-growing fossil fuel divestment movement, now at $3.4 trillion. Sponsored by the Kroc Intitute for International Peace Studies.