Lecture: Laudato Si': Pope Francis on the natural world


Location: Geddes Hall, Andrews Auditorium

How do we think theologically about the natural world? This question is fundamental for all dialogue between theology and science. Pope Francis offers us something new in Laudato Si' – a theology of nature that is more developed than anything found in earlier Catholic teaching. This lecture will offer an analysis and exploration of this theology of Pope Francis in Laudato Si. Reception to follow.

Denis Edwards is a professorial fellow in theology at Australian Catholic University, Adelaide campus and is a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide. He is a member of the national Lutheran – Roman Catholic Dialogue, and the national Australian Anglican - Roman Catholic Commission, has been involved with international dialogues on Science and Religion and is a member of the International Society for Science and Religion. Recent books include Ecology at the Heart of Faith, How God Acts: Creation, Redemption and Special Divine Action, and Partaking of God: Trinity, Evolution and Ecology.

Cosponsored by the Center for Social Concerns.